Tantalika Afghan Hounds

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Me Sanjoe Donna and Melika

My love for Afghan Hounds started when I was about 6 years old. I was living in Zimbabwe (Southern Rhodesia) at that time and saw a large dog come out of the show grounds with its handler, waiting to cross the road. I was awestruck by the sight of this magnificent dog standing sniffing the breeze that was gently blowing at its long silvery hair. It was a blue dog, which, as fate would have it, is behind my current breeding!

I have since that moment been fascinated by the King of dogs and had a classmate at college who had rescue Afghan Hounds, this being my first real contact with the breed.

After graduating from Vet School in 1986 I emigrated to the United Kingdom where I worked for 7 years.

I returned to South Africa in 1993 and started looking in earnest for an Afghan Hound primarily as a pet. Luck came my way when a rescue Afghan Hound fell into my hands his owners were emigrating to the United States and I offered him a home the registration papers were signed over to me and the big learning curve followed! SA Ch Kharakota SJ Wafflestomper "Sanjoe" came into my life and took over!

Firstly the fences went up then the fences went under then the throws became a part of the furniture the hair dryers and hound bed and dog pillows and food bowls and brushes the number of times he got out and into the muckheap on the farm were I rented a cottage! Weekends were spent going on walks and bathing and grooming I was at his mercy!

I started visiting dog shows and meeting breeders with the idea to get Sanjoe a companion. I mentioned blues and was met with shock and surprise until someone referred me to a breeder who had blues in her lines. I phoned there was a litter on the ground and having armed myself with all the literature I could read on how to choose a puppy I went to have a look.

It was then that I met and purchased SA and Int champion Yabat el Chilab Latif "Donna". The breeder talked me into taking her litter sister Yabat el Chilab Melika "Melika " as well and showing them both and continuing her lines.

That was how I started showing and before long the bug had bitten! Donna was a showgirl from the start but Melika was a bit shy in the ring. Donna proved herself time and time again taking various Best of Breeds and endless Reserves. The highlight of her show career was Best in Show at the Natal Afghan Hound Championship Show in 2003. She also gained her International Ch status that year. Despite numerous matings she only ever produced 1 puppy SA Ch Tantalika Tea Leaf who is currently one of the males that is being shown on a regular basis. Melika produced 2 litters 1 of 3 males all black and 1 litter with a male and female I kept the little black and tan bitch Yabat el Chilab Delara at Tantlika. The rest of the offspring are in loving homes and alive and well!

A dear friend of mine who is very involved with minding and nurturing our dogs, Renee Vogt, at the same time I acquired Donna and Melika, was so taken by them that she decided to purchase their litter sister SA Ch Yabat el Chilab Farrah Farrah".

We decided to mate her to a French import Lieutenant du Menuel Galopin at Jori and had a beautiful litter of 7 puppies.

She kept the beautiful bitch SA Ch Yabat el Chilab Ilahi "Ilah" and I kept 2 boys BIS Ch Yabat el Chilab Jasur "Jas" and SA Ch Yabat el Chilab Barhaka "Barhaka".

Since then I imported a lovely blue brindle bitch SA Ch Doyen say no more at Tantalika "Morag" from Pamela Bennet and Edwina Thomas in Australia and recently a blue brindle bitch Agha Djaris Pillow Talk "Pebbles" from Stefan Boieck and Nelly Ahrend in Germany.

I registered my own Kennel name Tantlika in 2000 and am showing and breeding under that name. The name was chosen from a delightful book written by a Zimbabwe author Richard Rayner The Valley of Tantalika set in the Zambezi Valley at the time of the building of Lake Kariba and operation Noah which saved countless wild animals from the rising flood waters created by the building of the dam. Tantalika is the Batonka word denoting "as quick as a spider" which I thought very apt for an afghan hound in play mode with its long hairy legs!

I currently live in a beautiful valley in the heart of the winelands between Paarl and Franschhoek near Cape Town South Africa on a 1 hectare smallholding on the banks of the Berg river with rolling lawns and big trees for the Tantalika hounds and myself and a few select friends to enjoy!